Residencial FAQ

This is your option. Easy Clean realizes you have a busy schedule. If you are unable to be home or office
at the time your Cleaning team arrives simply, provide us with instructions so they can gain access to
perform your cleaning.

Simply call us for reschedule service prior to your cleaning day. We would prefer 24 hours’ notice so we
can try to rearrange the other customers. We will do our best to meet your personal needs.
If late notice means we cannot put another customer in your spot, a fee of $50 may be charged,
although we want to help you avoid incurring these fees!

If the team unable to get into your place on your cleaning day, you may be assessed a lock-out fee to
help compensate your cleaning team for time spent. Most of our customers either provide us with a
key or hide one in a lock box on the premises on house cleaning day.

If you have a security system, please make necessary arrangements to give us access to your place on
your scheduled day. Some customers set up a guest or temporary code for us.

We like pets, but please tell us if you have any and provide any information regarding your pets that
would be helpful for us to know, such as if they are friendly, where they will be during our visit etc.
Although it’s not a requirement, we’d suggest that pets are kept away from the cleaning areas so that
we can clean better.

You may pay by credit card, cash or check. Our scheduling service will collect your credit card
information when you schedule your service.

Our cleaners professionals come equipped with all cleaning supplies and equipment. If you have special
cleaning products you want us to use, please be sure to let us know.

All Easy Clean team members have been trained and background checked to provide the highest level of
Excellency for you. You can rest assured when a team member from Easy Clean is in your place.

Typically, there will be two or three people in your place – a team captain and one or two team member.
On rare occasions, there may be one person. We will work with you so you know how many people and
who will be in your home. We respect that your place is private, and the trust you place in us by inviting
us into your home.

Yes. As long as you are satisfied with the cleaning team we have assigned we will not make any changes.
We make every effort to ensure that one of the team members who serve your home cleans during each
visit. In the event your regular team captain is unavailable Easy Clean will substitute the member team
with another fully qualified member team.
If a member of the team changes, our office staff contacts you beforehand to learn if you prefer
someone other than your team cleans, or would rather change your scheduled day so your favorite
team member can clean.

If you would like us to be at your place at a specific time, we recommend that you sign up for service
either at the beginning of the day or the end of the day. As we clean different places during the day, we
often encounter things that delay our arrival at our next place, like traffic, or a customer who would like
some additional help. For midday service, we give you a window of time for our arrival.

We leave that up to you. If you feel your cleaning team are providing you with excellent service, then
feel free to leave a tip.

Yes, we use cloths, mops, pats, and dustmop for every job. We do not use the same suplly twice. All of our supplies goes through a process of disinfection before being used in any job.